Obsolete Part Replacement

  • Obsolete IC Design

    Today’s technology is advancing at a staggering pace, but the components within the technology are not always keeping up. It is crucial to a business’s success to be able to identify, produce, and replace an electronic component in such a rapidly changing environment. 

    Sigenics’ obsolete part replacement service can do just that. We specialize in reverse engineering for obsolete parts in a variety of industries including medical, industrial, aerospace, and military. We seek to provide you with a part that has the same fit-form-function of the part that you are no longer able to purchase or produce.

    Sigenics has worked on obsolete avionics, and we have become extremely successful in determining the correct specifications needed in order to reduce wait time for the production of your replacement part. Our team of in-house engineers work together in order to determine the best layout and design of your new component to replicate - and at times, exceed - past performance.

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